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To join LIFT, you must fill out the application found on the "New Families" page, and pay the $25 nonrefundable application fee. After your application is received, LIFT Director, Mrs. Sharon Hubbard, will conduct a brief phone interview with you to see if LIFT is the right fit for your family. If your family's application is approved you will then move to the registration phase. 


Then you will complete LIFT's online registration form, pay all fees, and complete all required forms. Once ALL fees and paperwork have been received, you will be emailed (within 24 hours or less) a unique link and access code needed to enroll your student in classes. Enrollment takes place online and is on a first come first serve basis so the sooner you complete the steps above the sooner you will be emailed the enrollment link and code. Keep in mind that we limit classes to no more than 16 students, so some classes may fill up quickly. 

If you have questions about the classes offered, please feel free to contact the instructor(s) directly. Contact information is listed on the "Faculty & Staff" page, and can also be found on the class descriptions. 


Students must be thirteen (13) years of age by September 1 of the current school year and no more than 18, not to turn 19 during the current school year, in order to participate in LIFT. 

Families from any church school group in the River Region may register; however, acceptance is at the discretion of LIFT. 

Students returning to LIFT must have retained no less than a grade of “B” in each subject at the end of their 2024-2025 school year in order to take four (4) classes. All other students, including first-year homeschooling students, are limited to three (3) classes.

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