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Welcome! If you are interested in joining us at LIFT, we encourage you to explore the website, review our mission statement, and read the LIFT policies and procedures. If you have additional questions, our administrator is more than happy to speak with you. Please feel free to use the contact information listed below to connect with Mrs. Sharon Hubbard, LIFT Director.

If you have questions about the classes offered, please do not hesitate to contact the instructor(s) directly. Contact information is listed on the "Faculty & Staff" page and is also listed in the class descriptions which can be found on the home page. You may submit your new student application by clicking the link to the right. LIFT administration will review the application and be in touch within 24 hours or less (weekends and holidays excluded).


Students must be thirteen (13) years of age by September 1 of the current school year and no more than 18, not to turn 19 during the current school year, in order to participate in LIFT. 

Families from any church school group in the River Region may register; however, acceptance is at the discretion of LIFT. 

First-year homeschooling students are limited to enrollment in three (3) classes.


The LIFT courses are designed for students who are academically motivated and who have a homeschool parent actively involved in their student's education.

Applicants who are accepted for admission will receive an invitation to enroll in the

desired classes.

Once enrolled, instructors will make arrangements to interview the parent and student, answer any class questions, and confirm enrollment. A class deposit and LIFT fees will be due within 30 days of this confirmation.

Some classes may require placement tests or assessments before enrollment is confirmed.

To request more information:

Lakeview Institute for Teens

P.O. Box 241738  

Montgomery, AL 36124

​Tel: 334-224-2503

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