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Creative and collaborative resources to foster a love of reading and writing.

Book Creator: Publish and share your own book creations.

Storybird or MixBook: Publish online books complete with pictures and graphics or pay for a printed copy of your work.

Padlet: A "Pintrest" style blog great for students to post short daily writings or responses to teacher questions. Teacher can allow student collaboration and comments on posts.

CommonLit: Free online library of leveled literary and information texts complete with discussion questions and essay prompts.

Grammarly: Have students check grammar, spelling, usage, and mechanics to improve their writing. Paid version includes plagiarism check.

No Red Ink: Interactive online grammar activities that allow students to practice locating and correcting mistakes in a piece of writing.


Everything from complete free lessons to math simulations!

Desmos: Classroom activities and online graphing calculator.

Geogebra: Geometry, algebra, statistics, 3D math, and function graphing.

Mathalicious: Real, relevant, high interest math lessons.

PHET: Math simulations and games.

PLIX: Algebra simulations and games.

CK-12: Open source lessons available free to copy, remix, and reuse in the classroom.


Great resources from life science to physical science.

Gizmos & PHET: Online math and science simulations.

HHMI BioInteractive: Interactive content , films, and virtual labs.

Visible Body: Complete 3D anatomy resource.

Social Studies


11:30 am

Skype: Skype in the classroom allows guest speakers, worldwide classroom collaboration, and virtual field trips.



11:30 am

Padlet: Collaborative discussion boards.

Quizlet: More than your standard flashcard creator.

EdPuzzle: Embed assessment questions and comments into curated videos.

Class Tag  & Remind: Keep parents and students up to date in one simple post.

Nearpod: Content presentation tool with interactive student activities includes pre-made lessons available for purchase.

Kahoot!: Online or device driver classroom quiz game.

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