Please read the information, then use the registration link at the bottom of the page.

Registration & Enrollment Dates

  • April 23-26 - Priority enrollment for current juniors. Please contact the individual instructor.

  • April 29 - Current family open house and enrollment, Vaughn Forest Church 3:30-5:00PM.

  • April 29 - Returning family open house and enrollment, Vaughn Forest Church 4:30-5:00PM. Returning family - defined as one who has taken a break from LIFT and wishes to return. 

  • May 20 - New family open house and enrollment, Vaughn Forest Church 9:00-11:00AM (address - 8660 Vaughn Rd, Montgomery. Enter by the water fountain and follow LIFT signs). 

  • June 3 - Early registration ends. Non-refundable registration fees must be received and the online registration forms must be completed by this date. Fees listed below.

  • June 4 - Regular registration begins. Regular non-refundable registration fees listed below.    

  • July 29 - T-Shirt/Hoodie order and payment must be submitted online via the LIFT website, liftmontgomery.org. A one time yearly order will be placed on August 2.

  • August 5 - 2019-2020 Registration/Enrollment ends.

  • August 12 - Parent, Student, Instructor (PSI) Orientation/Mandatory Meeting. Student and one parent per student are required to attend. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  • August 19 - First full day of classes. 


  • Students must be twelve (12) years of age by September 1 of the current school year and no more than 18 (not to turn 19 during the current school year), in order to participate in LIFT. 

  • Families from any church school in the River Region may register; however, acceptance is at the discretion of LIFT. 

  • Students returning to LIFT must have retained no less than a grade of “B” in each subject at the end of their 2018-2019 school year in order to take four (4) classes. All other students, including first year homeschooling students, are limited to three (3) classes.


Register For LIFT

  • Registration: Returning families must register online with LIFT using the link below by May 18thin order to retain priority enrollment in a particular class. Early registration fees must be received by June 3rd. Registration does not guarantee enrollment in a particular class. See enrollment below for details. New family registrations will not be accepted prior to May 20th. After that time, the information below will apply.

  • Early Current Family Registration Fee: By June 3rd, $200.00 per family for the first student; $100.00 per family for each additional student. 

  •  Regular Registration Fee: After June 3rd, $225 per family for the first student; $125 per family for each additional student. 

  • New Family Registration Fee: $225 per family for the first student; $125 per family for each additional student. 

  • Returning Family Registration Fee: $225 per family for the first student; $125 per family for each additional student. Returning family - one who has taken a break from LIFT and wishes to return.  

  • Additional Fees: A $10.00 per student ThinkWave fee and all t-shirt order fees should be included along with the registration fees above.

  • Payment: After completing the online registration you may pay your registration, ThinkWave, and t-shirt fees using the PayPal link. Please be sure to check "no" when asked if this is a good or service or a fee will apply.  If paying by check, please write one check for registration, ThinkWave, and t-shirt fees and mail to LIFT, P. O. Box 241738, Montgomery, AL 36124.           NOTE: Paying via PayPal or by check rather than by cash is preferred.  

Enroll in a Class​

  • Enrollment:  Enroll by attending open house on April 29th and paying the $20 individual class non-refundable deposit. If space allows, you may enroll after open house by contacting the individual instructor and paying the $20 non-refundable deposit as soon as possible to secure enrollment. The deposit is automatically applied to the first class payment due at PSI. Contact information is listed in the class descriptions. Instructors will accept priority registration for juniors, registration for current families and returning families on the dates listed at the top of this page. New families may not enroll until May 20th; families returning to LIFT after a break may enroll on April 29th from 4:30-5:00. LIFT Enrollment closes on August 05, 2019 (keep in mind enrollment for a particular class may have already closed if the class reaches maximum enrollment [no more than 15 students] before this date).

  • Tuition: $357.00 per class, per student (i.e., $89.25 per quarter; $10.50 per class meeting/period). This includes all classes, regardless of the weekday on which they are held. ONLY EXCEPTIONS: Monday and Wednesday math classes: $9.50 per period, per student and Wednesday Spanish classes: $8.50 per period, per student. See class descriptions or respective class syllabi for specifics of quarterly amounts due. All payments for each class are to be included in the regular mid-semester/semester class fees). ​

  • Study Hall: $170.00 per student, per year ($42.50 per quarter)

Pay Registration Fees

  • Pay With PayPal: If paying by PayPal use the PayPal link located at the bottom of the page. IMPORTANT: Please do not select good or service or a fee will be added! You may also copy and paste the following link into your browser: http://paypal.me/LIFTMontgomery

  • Pay By Check or Money Order: To pay by check or money order, simply close your browser and send your check by mail to: LIFT Montgomery P.O. Box 241738  Montgomery, AL 36124

  • Fees: 

    • Early Registration For Returning Families: By June 3rd - $200 for first student; after June 3rd - $225 for first student. Before June 3rd - $100 each additional student per family; after June 3rd - $125. Include $10 ThinkWave registration fee per student. Total registration due for first student: $210.00; each additional student $110 before June 3rd. After June 3rd $235.00 for first student and $135 for each additional student per family. Please add your t-shirts fees.​ Registration fees are non-refundable.  ​

    • New Family and Returning Family Registration: $225 for first student; $125 each additional student per family. Please add your ThinkWave fee and t-shirts fees. 

    • Hoodie S-XL $25.00

    • Hoodie 2X,3X $30.00

    • Long Sleeve T-Shirts 2X,3X $17.00

    • Long Sleeve T-Shirts S-XL $13.00

    • Short Sleeve T-Shirts 2X,3X $14.00

    • Short Sleeve T-Shirts S-XL $10.00

Complete Forms

  • Complete the disclaimer & liability release form and medical release form. Copy the front and back of your insurance card on the bottom of the medical release form and mail these to the address above.

The Lord your God is living among you. He is a mighty Savior. He will take delight in you with gladness. With His love, He will calm all your fears. He will rejoice over you with joyful song. Zephaniah 3:17